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Illinois Furniture Company

2017 SW Adams, Peoria IL Now closed, the Illinois Furniture Company once provided Peoria residents with new furniture, carpet, and appliances as well as a bomb shelter. When founded in 1910 by Isadore Ulevitch, the Illinois Furniture Company used a blind horse to deliver its goods. After the fire in 1953, the current building was built on Southwest Adams. The business supported local sports including chess, bowling, and Little League. Though the company was bought out by Fredman Brothers Furniture in 1979, Ruth’s son, Alan, held onto the business until 1996. The Illinois Furniture Company closed in 2010 – right […]

A few good words

tell of my story about people saying nice things about me and what the can mean if we do it for others, consciously, every day.

The Trinity of Photography – Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed

Light is essential to photography, so much so that the word “photography” means “light writing”. For film photography, light waves create a chemical reaction directly on the film making a picture (of sorts). Now light rays hit a little sensor that transmits data to the little computer in the camera. But either way, photography needs light to take pictures. Let’s liken the photographic process to filling a bucket with a garden hose. The water is light, the bucket is the sensor, the size of the hose is the aperture and the amount of time. We come onto a scene and […]

Portrait Pricing

Locations While I do have a home studio for portraits, the majority of my sessions take place on location. From parks to city downtowns to clients homes, there is a tremendous number of beautiful and interesting places to take truly memorable images. With strobe lights, battery packs and a wide assortment of equipment, I bring the benefits of a studio to the location of your choice. Sessions Normally, a session will take between an hour and an hour and a half. If the session takes longer, there is no additional charge. We take the time to ensure we captures the images […]

Home Defense – AR vs Shotgun

Which is best to use in a home defense situation, a shotgun or an AR15? The writer explores the pros and cons for each gun. Shot this in my house and it was fairly tight quarters.

Taos Pueblo

If you are interested in history, the Taos Pueblo is a facinating place. I believe they have the oldest inhabited pueblo…with some of its structure going back almost a thousand years. In more recent history, mid 1800’s the army shelled a church filled with women and children. This was done in retaliation for a crime they were wrongly accused of. The bell tower remains, as well as the cemetery. Bodies continued to be buried in that cemetery until recently.

Gun Photography – Shooting in the Sun

The Job: Two different articles featuring two different guns but shot at the same location for the same magazine.   Challenges:  A sunny, cloudless sky. Skies without clouds are rather boring and while often a sky isn’t a major part of the shot, it is always nice to have dramatic clouds as an option. Worse than a cloudless sky is harsh sunlight because it creates deep dark shadows, creates hotspots on clothing and skin, and can make even shots taken in the shade difficult. In situations like this, it is important to be very mindful of the whole scene and position the subject in ways […]

Shooting Portaits Outdoors

These photos were taken at Weldon Springs which is near Clinton, Il. When I lived in Clinton, this was my favorite spot to go shoot portaits. The variety of locations allowed me to shoot in many different parts of the park without any of my pictures looking the same. Shooting on location, especially outdoors, creates a look and feel that cannot be duplicated in a studio and therefore demands a different set of skills to contend with the random possibilities that nature can throw your way (wind, rain, etc.). Depending on environmental circumstances, available light might be an issue and so […]

Business Photos in Metamora, IL

  Sometimes you don’t need an extensive photo session, but rather just a quick portrait. Actors, business professionals, entrepenuers are among the people who need professional photography for use on web sites, social media and even stationary. Since these photos are important in portraying you in a good light (pun intended), don’t settle for a “selfie” or a snapshot taken by a random friend. Instead, contact us and we will create quality images that demonstrate your professionalism and your confidence. Portrait sessions can be done at a location of your choice or even at my home. Feel free to contact me for details.