Portrait Pricing


While I do have a home studio for portraits, the majority of my sessions take place on location. From parks to city downtowns to clients homes, there is a tremendous number of beautiful and interesting places to take truly memorable images. With strobe lights, battery packs and a wide assortment of equipment, I bring the benefits of a studio to the location of your choice.


Normally, a session will take between an hour and an hour and a half. If the session takes longer, there is no additional charge. We take the time to ensure we captures the images you want.  The sitting fee covers any number of people so if you can get a number of different portraits done at one time (such as family AND senior portrait).

Buying Prints vs. Buying Digital Rights

Many other photographers charge an initial higher fee but sell you the digital rights to print a large number of electronic files. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this model, there is one large pitfall with this practice…..often those pictures remain unprinted. I am just as guilty as the next person, thousands of images of my hard drive that never see the light of day. Pictures are meant to be printed. They are meant to be physical things that we can touch and enjoy. They are the memories to be displayed in our home for our friends, family and guests to enjoy. Buying prints NOW will ensure they don’t get forgotten in the depths of procrastination.


Sitting Fee

There is a $100 dollar sitting fee due at the photoshoot which will be slightly higher if I have to travel more than a half-hour. The shooting fee covers the time it takes to shoot.

Print Prices

There is a flat price per print, which are given below. I do ask that you spend a minimum of $150 on prints. The sitting fee is kept low to ensure that you get a good number of prints.  \


Size Price
Mini (set of 8) $5.00
Wallets (set of 4) $5.00
3.5×5 $4.00
4×5 $4.00
4×6 $5.00
5×5 $7.00
5×7 $10.00
5×15 $45.00
8×10 $15.00
8×12 $18.00
11×14 $40.00
10×20 $60.00
12×18 $65.00
16×20 $85.00


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