Gun Photography – Shooting in the Sun

The Job:

Two different articles featuring two different guns but shot at the same location for the same magazine.



A sunny, cloudless sky.

Skies without clouds are rather boring and while often a sky isn’t a major part of the shot, it is always nice to have dramatic clouds as an option.

Worse than a cloudless sky is harsh sunlight because it creates deep dark shadows, creates hotspots on clothing and skin, and can make even shots taken in the shade difficult. In situations like this, it is important to be very mindful of the whole scene and position the subject in ways to minimize the effects of the harsh light.


Bug Bites

Wow, the bugs were bad! I am not sure if it was chiggers or merely mosquito bites, but I scratched by legs bloody for a couple weeks. If shooting in sand and grass, it is best to wear long pants or use bug repellant.


While I would have preferred a cloudier day, I was able to make the most of the wooded area next to the range to provide shade and a nice green backdrop.

I experimented with taking shots in direct sunlight. While they didn’t end up being usable sometimes by embracing a bad situation (full sunlight) one can walk away with a great photo or two…so it is worth trying. That is the beauty of digital!

Gun Photography - AR-15

Gun Photography – AR-15

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