Shooting Portaits Outdoors

A photo from Weldon Springs

These photos were taken at Weldon Springs which is near Clinton, Il. When I lived in Clinton, this was my favorite spot to go shoot portaits. The variety of locations allowed me to shoot in many different parts of the park without any of my pictures looking the same.

Shooting on location, especially outdoors, creates a look and feel that cannot be duplicated in a studio and therefore demands a different set of skills to contend with the random possibilities that nature can throw your way (wind, rain, etc.). Depending on environmental circumstances, available light might be an issue and so it is often necessary to bring portable strobes to the session to ensure the subject is properly lit. While there are often more obstacles to overcome when shooting outside, location photography can provide the unique look to your portrait. Instead of going to a local, photo big-box photography studio, why not hire a local photographer and head off to a memorable location?


Black and White photo from an abandoned home at Weldon Springs Park

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