Peoria IL Building Abstracts

Peoria, Illinois has a lot great photography opportunities, especially the downtown. This year the Caterpillar and the River Front Museums finally opened after years of planning. While not everybody is a fan of the architectural style chosen for these buildings, it is hard to deny that they both provide plenty of opportunities for some fun shooting. The morning of the photo-walk I had a goal in mind to do abstract shooting of steel and concrete. Normally, with such attempts the results usually never wind up being as exciting as what I envision but this time, however, was different. I am looking forward to going back an redoing the shots that should have been better, and revisiting the shots I liked.

From a garbage can holder. It took a lot of Photoshop work to make sure each hole was fully black.


Probably the only true abstract from these photos. I got a lot of comments on my Facebook posting of this image as it looks very much like a painting.

This is probably my favorite shot from the day.

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