Looking Back and Looking Forward


It seems that this article is either a few months late or a few months early. But given the helter skelter whirl over the few months, it does seem apropos.

While 2011 wasn’t a bad year, per se, it was my hardest professionally. A number of things happened that really took much of the joy out of it.  A job change, which came with a long commute, then a move, left me feeling rather burned out. Fortunately for me (and certainly my family), that while the photography business does provide some income,  it is not my bread and butter.  So as I ponder the value of continuing photography business, I decided that having fun with photography  is more important right now.

While I have not turned my back on doing paid work that is not going to be the focus of this year. Instead, there are some things I plan to work on:

1. Continue the work on Portraits of People I Know – a series of enviromental protraits of (you guessed it) people I know. These are environmental  portraits that communicate something about the subject.

2. Start a new project that is so far unnamed. For years, the idea of nature taking back human property has fascinated me.  This year the plan is to come up with a unified work that will not only use photos already taken but for me to break into new ways of thinking about the subject.

3. Take the Panhandlers Of Chicago project further. My collaborator has expressed interested in dusting it off and who knows what progress will be made this year.

4.  Get to know the area and find quirky pictures to take.

5.  Do more with other local photographers. I joined a local Peoria Photography Meetup and look forward to the learning and camaraderie.

6. Get back to blogging. Writing isn’t easy, but hopefully it will not only help me in clarify my thoughts, but also to edify other photographers.

7. OH! I almost forgot.  I just purchased a Lensbaby and am having a lot of fun. I purchased a macro adapter which opens a whole, unexplored world for me.


So, here’s to 2012!

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