Cherry Festival of Washington IL

The Cherry Festival is one of those hometown events that happen every year in Washington, IL. Being that we just moved into the area it seemed like a good way to kill some time walking around looking at the sights. The event was rather underwhelming. I took the kids back home and got my camera to shoot the “night life” of the carnival.

Not all the carneys were lit properly to photograph, and so this portfolio is definitely not all-inclusive.

Many of these photos were taken with a Lensbaby.

The most visually interesting person was the guy running the duck pond. He was either energetically engaging passersby or played his vuvuzela. I talked the the manager regarding this fellow, thinking he was their real money maker. She said he worked hard but sometimes he scared the children with his forward manner.


At first I thought the duck pond guy was the most interesting character, but I was wrong. If you hang around long enough, you can see a drama unfold. And if you are friendly, people will tell you what  is going on in the background which make the project more interesting. Notice the game at which he is standing.



Minutes later he sits at a different game not looking too excited.


See the man counting the money? He gave me the spiel. He isn’t supposed to be working games, he is more of a set up man. The problem is, most of these people do not want to work, including out friend who is getting a counseling session. Looking around at the game workers, it was obvious that at least 50% didn’t even act like they even want to work.  Not sure why I was surprised by this, this is the same thing I hear from suppliers I work with. They hire 10 to keep two or three.

Yet another example. I shot this because of the blatant disinterest shown by the worker.



While this fellow here works for the carnival, he is not a game worker. Apparently on some off time he decided to sit down a bit and read. Since he was next to some crazily colored bears, it seem only natural to shoot his picture.



Let it not be said that love fails to bloom for carnival workers. I am not sure the wisdom of their management for letting them work together, but hey, I got a fun picture out of it.




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