A Photographer for Princeville, IL

While Princeville, Illinois is my home town, I have been away for two decades except for occasional visits. Recently, a job relocation brought me back to the Peoria area and it has been a time to reconnect with old family friends and classmates. On a beautiful fall day a classmate wanted senior pictures of her son and violin pictures of her daughter.

Shooting in her back yard, as well as a neighbors barn, provided great locations for the first set of pictures. It goes to show that one doesn’t have to go far to find good portrait locations.

Girl Playing Violin



While she looks rather sad in this photo, I assure you, there was never a sad moment with her.


After scouting the parks and trails, there weren’t any locations that tickled my fancy (at least at that time of day and that time of the year). I sought out an old “secret” location from my childhood. While it had a great old bridge that would have made for a great background, it was obviously much too unsafe. Surprisingly, just a little bit farther down the road was a great rural setting to shoot.

Since the location is quite open, any photography done there is subject to the the harsh sun.  While waiting for cloud cover to blow into position we took “advantage” of the harsh light and shot “bare-bulb”


Uncut grass and a rather wild “outdoorsy” feel help end the session in a rather memorable way.



A great day with a great family!


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