The Homeless Man in Union Station, Chicago IL

Union Station in Chicago, Illinois is quite a magnificent place. The high ceilings, the marbled interior really takes one back to a former time. While this is still in use, a more modern facility which serves the bulk of commuters is across the street.

I am not from Chicago. Like John Cougar Mellancamp, I was raised in a small town and I live in a small town. So my trips to the big city is quite an eye opening experience. The difference is more than that of scale (bigger buildings, more people, etc.) it is also a different sense of living and doing.

One example is how democratic transportation is. Since car ownership is a luxury in Chicago that many people do not indulge in, one sees a range of social and economic levels on mass transit. This man picture here, may not be going anywhere (be it in a literal or metaphysical sense) but he shares the same space as those who are. For some, the train is a place that gets one back and forth to work, for others it is a heated place to stay at night. And in the twilight hours the two meet.

Downtown Chicago is a city of contrasts, and for that reason I enjoy walking its streets…as a stranger.

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