The Man in the Reddest Suit Ever

One thing I love about shooting in Chicago are the surprises that walk right across your path. Something wonderful will happen, something you can never anticipate. To me, a man walking absent-mindedly wearing the reddest suit ever made is one of them. The minute I saw the man I knew I was on to something wonderful.

During the time I photographed him I would sprint a block ahead and take pictures as he approached. Then I would then spent another block ahead and take pictures as he approached. The pictures here are the final point at which I followed him. Being stopped by the light provided a great opportunity to catch some fun shots.

Man in the Red Suit 2

Yet another shot of the owner of the red suit standing at a street corner.

While normally my running….shooting….running….shooting would be noticed by the subject, this man appeared oblivious to it all. I am not sure the man’s story nor can I provide any other background except that the way he acted demonstrated some sort of mental illness. But as oblivious to his surroundings as he seemed, he followed the “rules of the road” as a pedestrian.

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