Portraits of People I know – Tim

untitled-0794-Edit-2.jpg by ecfman
untitled-0794-Edit-2.jpg, a photo by Jeff Jones on Flickr.

Tim was a co-worker….an engineer. Up until shortly before I took this photo, he was stretched very thin. Work was very stressful largely because of unobtainable expectations, doing work different than what he hired in for, and a boss that really did not get it. The long hours, the increased expectations, seeing large problems with the system that once cannot fixed led to him to smoke heavily and pull out of various social gatherings. Added to the job stress was the introduction to the world of his second child.

Originally I envisioned shooting Tim while he sat on his porch smoking cigarettes, with shirt disheveled and a cup of coffee in hand. I drove by his house to test the visual and realized that his porch would not work. So for “Plan B” I decided to use a parking garage. But there was another twist…Tim had quit smoking. Hmmmmm… To make matters “worse” he had accepted a job from another company, a job that meant more money, doing what he wanted to do, and much closer to his and his wife’s families. So much for the angsty picture I pined for because Tim was quite happy.

Yet another picture of Tim...Not quite as dramatic as the first and thus not picked.

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