Portrait Project – Rick

Man Standing At Table
Rick-Portrait-Shoot-Decatur-30.jpg, a photo by Jeffrey Jones on Flickr.

Rick loves games and his overflowing game closet demonstrates this fact. While he plays many different types, it is the historically-minded and military games that pique his interest. If you combine the two, that is the perfect formula for a game he cannot resist playing, at least once. Since gaming is such a central aspect to Rick’s life, it needed to be part of the portrait.

Gaming alone does doesn’t tell us enough about Rick. As you can see, Rick is skinny…very skinny. With an increased metabolism comes increased intensity. Rick never comes across as frenetic or as somebody suffering from OCD, but he does display a personal level of internal energy, or intensity, that I wanted to capture.

While the photo shown here is by far the best of the pictures I took that late afternoon and seems to be one of the more highly regarded photos in my series, to date, I failed to capture the intensity of his eyes for which I hoped, which I could have possibly have gotten had the session not got cut short.

The session took place in the cafeteria of a local junior College, RCC. Things were going fairly well and security came by and told me not to stand on a ledge which was about one foot off the floor. No big deal, it seemed like a silly thing to worry about on their part (apparently afraid that I would fall?), but in order to maintain good will I politely complied.

Then, maybe 15 minutes later, they came by again and said a local administrator said that I needed to get approval before shooting on their campus and apparently some said administrator complained to security regarding this. This is absurd. Thousands of kids will cell phone cameras shooting all day long on a public college campus and nothing is said, but one guy with a DSLR is somehow under some sort of suspicion. So, I politely complied with security. And left the facility.

So, here we are, with an almost perfect picture of Rick, thing missing only the slightly manic look in his eyes. I am sure there is a lesson to learn from this story, but I fail to see it. If you find one, tell me.

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