Portrait Photographer for Eureka, IL

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to do a senior portrait shoot for Cassie. While Clinton, IL is a bit of a hop, skip and jump from Eureka, I love traveling to different locals.  I love to take pictures and Cassie enjoys the experience so the session lasted for quite a while. Starting at Eureka Lake Park, in the morning and ending along an old grain elevator in the afternoon I shot over 300 photos.

While it air was chilly (in the 50’s if I remember right) that morning it was a beautiful time to shoot in the park. With many outdoor shoots, it is important to be there before or after the sun is very high in the sky. What I enjoy about shooting at Eureka Lake is the variety of spots to shoot: the lake, bridges, pine trees, pathways.

Cassie Playing Flute at Eureka Lake

Casse stands with Eureka Lake behind her.

Along the railroad tracks in town was another prime spot. Besides the tracks themselves the old buildings provide some unique opportunities to get photos that were a bit different.

Cassie Standing on Railroad Tracks

Cassie stands in front of her prized truck


So, if you are from the Eureka area, and you like the photos that you see, please contact me and we can discuss shooting portraits that you will love.

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