Magic In Clinton Illinois

Example of Multiple Exposues

Sometimes a simple little trick can be so much fun. Rather than ship in twenty extras, I decided to do a multiple exposure trick. While the technique is simple it isn’t easy. It required one photo for every pose for which you see Kayla. After putting them all into Photoshop, one on top of another I erased parts that I didn’t want. This went pretty well until I realized my mistake. While the camera was on the tripod, but I failed to use a remote trigger. So, sometime during the special effects shoot the camera moved just a smidgey, causing some of the photos not to align perfectly with the rest. While I was able to bump the individual pictures to make everything line up, it cost an extra 20 minutes of processing time to correct.
For me, more than anything, this photo shows how a little creativity can make for a very memorable photo. It doesn’t take a Hollywood special effects studio, just a little collaboration between the photographer and the subject. Are you looking for something a little different with your portrait? Email me and lets see what we can come up with.


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