How To Get Started

Often we need a reason, or purpose, before we do something. We don’t clean our home (or at least as thoroughly) unless company is coming. We don’t replace those old kitchen cabinets until it is time to sell our house. The same is true for even things we enjoy doing.

To get the ball rolling (and thus breaking inertia), often all it takes is making a commitment to produce some body of work by a stated deadline.

That is how I got my start with photography by joining a local artisans group that put on periodical shows in which its members displayed their work. Art shows force artists not only to come up with display-worthy work, but also present that work in a professional-looking way. Without those show shows, my photography would not have raised beyond just taking snapshots.

The question for you, dear reader, is this, do you have some skill you want to develop further? Do you have a hobby that you want to take to the next level? It may be a guitar gathering dust in the corner. It may be running shoes left unused in the closet. It is time for you to take the plunge. Do whatever it takes to get yourself moving; sign up for races, join a hiking group, volunteer to play music at your church sign up to sell your work at a local farmer’s market.

And funnily enough….Here is a link to a blog that I came across today that helps augment these thoughts.

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