Chicago Portrait At Willis Tower

While one doesn’t normally think of a “team building” as an opportunity to capture interesting photographs, it never hurts to take a camera just in case. The photography experience was fun since there was no pressure to produce a great photography. In fact, my expectations were fairly low. Yeah, there should be some photos that the participants would enjoy seeing, to relive those moment, but the thought of producing cool photos, while travelling to the most photographed places in Chicago, didn’t seem likely.

One of the reasons for the “team building” is that we had our counterpart from China visiting. A man we all talked to on the phone or via email, but had never met in person. Not only was this his first trip to meet his coworkers, it was his first trip to the United States.

Our first stop was the Sears Tower Willis Tower. Up at the top they created these observatory cubes that stick out from the building into space. This allows a person to get a great view of the surrounding area. A very cool concept.

The lighting for this shot was terrible since there was no fill flash and the subject was back lit. This means that the scene behind him looked great but his front was too dark. I knew this as I took the picture, but felt that it really didn’t matter it was worthy to try and see how it turned out.
What saved the day for me was a Photoshop program called Topaz Adjust. That combined with my fiddling in Photoshop allowed me to pull a picture that was destined for the virtual garbage can into a fun and quirky picture.
So, what are the takeaways?

* Take you camera with you even if you don’t expect to get any great shots.

* Shoot even if you think the picture isn’t perfect. Once you get it on your monitor there may be ways to fix it….or maybe it really isn’t that bad at all.

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