A Photographer for Clinton, IL

 As a professional photographer I find this town a wonderful place for taking portraits. It is easy to overlook this small town’s opportunities because it is, well, a small town. So what are Clinton’s photographic assets?

An aged downtown.

The town sports a fairly good sized business district in its downtown that was built in the early 1900’s. The alleys provide a rich variety of colors and textures that is hard to beat. Faded paint, fallen stucco, rusted doors and rich red brick are a beautiful backdrop to almost any portrait.

HS Senior playing electric guitar

A good example of utilizing the lush colors of a the downtown into a senior portrait. A crime figther needs the appropriate background.A superhero needs the right background for his portrait.


Boy with batman mask strikes a pose

A masked crime fighter needs the right background.








Weldon Springs State Park.

 This little gem is just a few miles south of Clinton and, for its size, has many wonderful photographic opportunities. A large lake, lush green woods and a golden prairie can all be found within the confines of this park. It amazes me, every time I shoot there, at number of photographic opportunities to be found there.

Portrait of Girl at Park

The wooded areas at Weldong Springs are wonderful places fo portraits.

Clones gone crazy.

Some might say portraits in the park are "magical"

Man standing in front of prairie grass.

The prarie provides a great backdrop for a interesting looking portrait.









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