Great Scenery Even in Maroa, Illinois

Too often in life, people don’t take the time to pay attention to surroundings. We live in a strange and beautiful world that we largely miss because we simply drive down the road only listening to the radio. This is no surprise because people have hectic lives with their full attention is placed on the next task, the day at work and what if for dinner.

The subject is one of a pro-gun sign series which occur in multiple parts of the state. For quite awhile I fancied the best way to capture any of these signs found on multiple highways and interstates. Then on one late afternoon, while in a “get home” state of mind, this scene appeared. The flooded fields, the crazy sky and the blazing sunset made a winning combination. So after driving home and picking up my camera and driving back these shots were taken.

You can find these signs route 51 on the south side of Maroa. Look to the West and you will see them.

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