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Senior Picture in Metamora, IL

It was a last minute deal… a friend of the family was coming up for a visit and never got around to getting his senior pictures done.  Figuring it was a nice day I notified him before he headed our way that I would do a shoot for him.  The shoot went well and we got a number of good images. Unfortunately, I also got a BAD case of poison ivy (or oak/or sumac) that lasted for over two weeks…lesson learned about shorts and high grass! While there are wonderful spots to take portraits in Metamora, I am more than […]

Bar Mitzvah in Chicago IL

This year I was asked, by a former high school classmate, to photograph her son’s Bar Mitzvah in Chicago, IL.  While it is a fair distance from my home (3 hours), it was quite an honor to be part of a friend’s special day and my wife I make the trip. The ceremony and reception took place in the Wildfire restaurant in downtown Chicago. While a very nice restaurant, the place proved to be challenging to shoot due to: the dark wood paneling, the lack of an ideal spot to shoot portraits and the narrow confines of the ceremony. Part […]

A Good Use of a Stormy Day in Metamora IL

This area has gotten more than its share of rain for the last couple months, and this last weekend was not exception. While driving back from an event I felt the urge to photograph a couple of my children against the backdrop of the dramatic sky.  I started with Jack and realized that that his Lego short, while cool, just wasn’t appropriate for the kind of photo I was looking for.  So, stripped of his shirt, and told not to smile (this is hard for Jack since he really is a happy boy), he persevered though the cold wind. My […]

A Photographer for Princeville, IL

While Princeville, Illinois is my home town, I have been away for two decades except for occasional visits. Recently, a job relocation brought me back to the Peoria area and it has been a time to reconnect with old family friends and classmates. On a beautiful fall day a classmate wanted senior pictures of her son and violin pictures of her daughter. Shooting in her back yard, as well as a neighbors barn, provided great locations for the first set of pictures. It goes to show that one doesn’t have to go far to find good portrait locations.       […]

Tripods: A Key to Better Photos

Almost every photographer has at least one tripod, but how often does it get used? Often photographers find carrying one around, and setting it up, to be too much of  a hassle and perhaps wonder if they are they even necessary in the world of fast lenses and higher ISO sensors. Much of my thinking on this subject sprang from a casual comment from a fellow seeing me use a tripod on a photo walk (of sorts) stating that he preferred to shoot without the restriction of a tripod since they limited his freedom. But is that true? And if […]

Portraits of People I know – Tim

untitled-0794-Edit-2.jpg, a photo by Jeff Jones on Flickr. Tim was a co-worker….an engineer. Up until shortly before I took this photo, he was stretched very thin. Work was very stressful largely because of unobtainable expectations, doing work different than what he hired in for, and a boss that really did not get it. The long hours, the increased expectations, seeing large problems with the system that once cannot fixed led to him to smoke heavily and pull out of various social gatherings. Added to the job stress was the introduction to the world of his second child. Originally I envisioned […]

Portrait Photographer for Eureka, IL

Last fall I had the wonderful opportunity to do a senior portrait shoot for Cassie. While Clinton, IL is a bit of a hop, skip and jump from Eureka, I love traveling to different locals.  I love to take pictures and Cassie enjoys the experience so the session lasted for quite a while. Starting at Eureka Lake Park, in the morning and ending along an old grain elevator in the afternoon I shot over 300 photos. While it air was chilly (in the 50’s if I remember right) that morning it was a beautiful time to shoot in the park. With […]

Portrait Project – Rick

Rick-Portrait-Shoot-Decatur-30.jpg, a photo by Jeffrey Jones on Flickr. Rick loves games and his overflowing game closet demonstrates this fact. While he plays many different types, it is the historically-minded and military games that pique his interest. If you combine the two, that is the perfect formula for a game he cannot resist playing, at least once. Since gaming is such a central aspect to Rick’s life, it needed to be part of the portrait. Gaming alone does doesn’t tell us enough about Rick. As you can see, Rick is skinny…very skinny. With an increased metabolism comes increased intensity. Rick never comes […]

Chicago Portrait At Willis Tower

Portrait-Man-Chicago-IL.jpg, a photo by Jeffrey Jones on Flickr. While one doesn’t normally think of a “team building” as an opportunity to capture interesting photographs, it never hurts to take a camera just in case. The photography experience was fun since there was no pressure to produce a great photography. In fact, my expectations were fairly low. Yeah, there should be some photos that the participants would enjoy seeing, to relive those moment, but the thought of producing cool photos, while travelling to the most photographed places in Chicago, didn’t seem likely. One of the reasons for the “team building” is […]