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Portrait Project – Rick

Rick-Portrait-Shoot-Decatur-30.jpg, a photo by Jeffrey Jones on Flickr. Rick loves games and his overflowing game closet demonstrates this fact. While he plays many different types, it is the historically-minded and military games that pique his interest. If you combine the two, that is the perfect formula for a game he cannot resist playing, at least once. Since gaming is such a central aspect to Rick’s life, it needed to be part of the portrait. Gaming alone does doesn’t tell us enough about Rick. As you can see, Rick is skinny…very skinny. With an increased metabolism comes increased intensity. Rick never comes […]

The Homeless Man in Union Station, Chicago IL

Union-Station-Chicago-Homeless_4040_1_2.jpg, a photo by jeffrey jones on Flickr. Union Station in Chicago, Illinois is quite a magnificent place. The high ceilings, the marbled interior really takes one back to a former time. While this is still in use, a more modern facility which serves the bulk of commuters is across the street. I am not from Chicago. Like John Cougar Mellancamp, I was raised in a small town and I live in a small town. So my trips to the big city is quite an eye opening experience. The difference is more than that of scale (bigger buildings, more people, […]