Pepper Spray Roundup

This was a crazy assignment. The article featured a pepper spray device that would shoot the pepper “glop” at a 112 miles per hour. I was a bit dubious about the whole thing….but the results were quite impressive.

Lighting this was difficult. The first location, while better ventilated, was too brightly lit to adequately show the spray. We reconvened at a parking garage that night and it proved to be a great spot to do this.

While I never got hit directly by the spray, the residual mist, left in the amposphere by the cone spray, covered a large area and lasted a long time. Long minutes after we stopped there were pockets to be “discovered”.

Overall, I think the shoot went well considering all the constraints and how the shoot was often….run in to place, count to “3”, discharge the spray, hit the shutter..then run back 40 feet.

These were shot in a parking garage in Peoria, IL.