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Peoria City Hall

419 Fulton St, Peoria, Il The ornate historical building at 419 Fulton Street has been sitting there since Reeves and Baillee built it in 1897 for $271,500 (that’s nearly $7.5 million in 2016 terms). The building is four stories high, and the building’s façade is made up of red sandstone brought in from Lake Superior. When the building was constructed, the architects saved the tower from Peoria’s previous city hall. In 1978, this example of the German Renaissance style of architecture joined the National Register of Historic Places. To order a print – CLICK HERE.

Peoria Rescue Ministries

601 SW Adams St, Peoria IL In 1955, Florence Holzschuh and Helen Durdel served donuts and coffee to homeless men in Peoria while standing in a storefront. Soon after, they met with the Ministerial Association, to enlist help for housing homeless men. In 1968, that Rescue Mission finally found a home – on Southwest Adams. The present standing building was constructed in 1985, and Peoria Rescue Missions has expanded to include a Women’s Pregnancy Center, Victory Acres, and Esther House. The neon “Jesus Saves” sign calls those in need of help to come receive ministry and aid. To order a print […]

Sacred Heart Church

504 Fulton St, Peoria, IL The ornate church exterior is matched by Sacred Heart’s opulent interior. In 2009, 103 years following the church’s original construction and just a few years after the renovation and rededication of the church, this beautiful Peoria site was granted the Peoria Historical Society’s Historic Preservation Award. During the renovation, a new electronic organ replaced the original organ that came from the 1878 church. While the organ went through its own series of improvements, the church itself remains a well-preserved landmark admired by many. To order a print – CLICK HERE.

Tree on the Ledge – Bandelier National Monument

Perhaps a bit cliche, a lone tree finding its spot on an outcropping of rock…the loner who is able to survive in difficult circumstances. Regardless, I found the composition rather compelling. To purchase a print, CLICK HERE.

Naked Furniture Sign

4234 N BRANDYWINE DR, Peoria, Il On Brandywine Drive stands the hollowed-out shell of a sign that once designated Peoria’s Naked Furniture company. Patrons could buy unfinished customizable furniture at great prices here. The furniture store was next to a castle-like building that housed a restaurant. Peoria’s WWCT, or “Rock FM,” and then Independent Media Peoria was also located at this address in Peoria. While the plaza is no longer there, this sign serves as a memory marker for those whose parents furnished their rooms using the furniture found at Naked Furniture. To buy a print – CLICK HERE.

The High Place – Bandelier National Monument

To purchase a print, CLICK HERE.   There is no lack of wonder in New Mexico. Bandelier National Monument was the home to a tribe of cliff dwellers. Ladders will take hikers to various locations offering some wonderful views provided one can handle the heights. This is the highest accessible location.  

Emo’s Dairy Mart

3618 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL  61603 Emo’s iconic clown greets customers looking for their favorite ice cream treats from March until October each year. Emo’s Dairy Mart sold in December 2010 to new owners who wanted to continue the tradition of having the area’s favorite ice cream as well as burgers, cheese fries, and Coney dogs. The previous owner purchased Emo’s in 1960 with the hopes that it would provide some extra cash. And boy did it. This popular summer spot shows no signs of slowing down. The people of Peoria have been enjoying the tradition of heading to the […]


100 NE Adams, Peoria, IL This bold and industrial building is in stark contrast to the construction equipment produced by the 90-year-old Caterpillar company. Big earth-movers—that’s what comes to mind when one hears the Caterpillar name. This 8-story corporate headquarters, designed by Smith Haines Lundberg & Waehler, has occupied its place on Adams since 1968. An impressive number of employees work here, including the company’s CEO. The buildings many windows often reflect the cloud patterns as they drift by. To buy a print – CLICK HERE.

Anshai Emeth Temple

  521 Northeast Monroe Street, Peoria, Illinois The Anshai Emeth Temple is a Peoria landmark. This 118-year-old building’s bricks and stained-glass windows remain in-tact since it was built in 1898 to replace the Jewish temple lost in the 1896 fire. Although Congregation Anshai Emeth outgrew this vine-covered temple in 1967 and moved on, the temple remains in use. The Christian Assembly Church, now occupying the temple, maintains the Jewish artifacts within the building – including the vibrant stained glass windows and decorations inside. To order a print – CLICK HERE.  

Irving School

  519 NE Glendale Building a school for $33,368 might seem like a bargain by today’s standards, but in 1898, when the Irving School was built, it was a lot of money. Although the school last saw students in December of 2012, the Irving School still serves as a historical landmark in Peoria. The school’s Flemish Renaissance design mirrors the design of Peoria City Hall. Through its history, there were only 10 principals, with four of them being women. This building has a rich history of student activity throughout the years.   To order a print, CLICK HERE.     […]