About My Fine Art Prints

The galleries presented here represent a number of different photographic perspectives from various points in my photographic career representing the changing paths the Muses often pull me.  It has been an unusual journey and it is the hope of this photographer that these images become a wonderful journey for you as well.

Peoria Skylines Gallery

Originally, the concept was to photograph building tops against a pure white sky. After reviewing images after an afternoon of shooting it became clear that dramatic clouds against the buildings made for a better images. So, I walked around taking photos of buildings that caught my interests and then the idea sprung forth…..why not shoot the iconic building tops in downtown Peoria? That seemed reasonable.  But once finished, it became clear that this wasn’t good enough and that i needed to shoot almost every single old commercial building in downtown and geotag each photo. That crazy project is probably about 3/4 finished. This gallery is a sample of hundreds of images that I believe has the broadest appeal. If you want an image of building you don’t see in this gallery, there is a good chance I have that image in my photo library, simply contact me with a name/address of that building. If the photo doesn’t exist I will be happy to photograph it.

The photos in this gallery are printed on MATTE paper. After reviewing various papers, I believe this to be the best fit for these images. The downside is that there appears to be issues in printing the largest sized prints containing large swaths of black. That is why on some prints you will not see the option for purchasing them at the largest sizes.

My Guarantee

I fully guarantee all prints against fading as well as any damage which occurs during shipping. If, at some future point, some mishap should occur to any of my prints I will replace it at a nominal cost.


About the Prints

All images are on “oversized” paper which, not only provides space for safe handling but also provides a place for information to be printed.  If a problem should occur my email address as well as the ITEM NUMBER are on every print making it very easy for you to get additional copies or to get a replacement print. But don’t worry, all that information is covered by the mat.

All prints 17”x22” and smaller are printed on an Epson P800 using Red River paper.



Each print contains image name, item number as well as my contact information.










Full view of the print. The mat will cover all the wide white border.