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Gun Photography – Shooting in the Sun

The Job: Two different articles featuring two different guns but shot at the same location for the same magazine.   Challenges:  A sunny, cloudless sky. Skies without clouds are rather boring and while often a sky isn’t a major part of the shot, it is always nice to have dramatic clouds as an option. Worse than a cloudless sky is harsh sunlight because it creates deep dark shadows, creates hotspots on clothing and skin, and can make even shots taken in the shade difficult. In situations like this, it is important to be very mindful of the whole scene and position the subject in ways […]

On the Road to Arizona

  Driving between Albuquerque and the Petrified Forest Park in Arizona, one cannot help but notice the extreme amount of poverty along the highway. Towns, if they can be called that, appear to be nothing more than collection of trailers group together with some rudimentary roads. While we never stopped (they were not directly accessible since we were on the Interstate), we wondered about the people who lived there. The conditions of their homes, while they seemed to work for the desert, were in very bad shape. I never did take any pictures of these homes, but I didshoot some […]

Matthiessen and Starved Rock State Parks

Mattiesssen is a great park butted up against Starved Rock. While it does not have as many trails as Starved Rock, it does have quick access to it canyons, which is the reason for going. These photos are from a trip I made with a couple of friends shortly after there was a lot of regional flooding. While much of still roped off, the water was way down in the canyon area and  we were able to make our way around slogging through the mud. It was, perhaps, the best possible time to be there because waterfalls flowed but the […]

A Good Use of a Stormy Day in Metamora IL

This area has gotten more than its share of rain for the last couple months, and this last weekend was not exception. While driving back from an event I felt the urge to photograph a couple of my children against the backdrop of the dramatic sky.  I started with Jack and realized that that his Lego short, while cool, just wasn’t appropriate for the kind of photo I was looking for.  So, stripped of his shirt, and told not to smile (this is hard for Jack since he really is a happy boy), he persevered though the cold wind. My […]

Peoria IL Building Abstracts

Peoria, Illinois has a lot great photography opportunities, especially the downtown. This year the Caterpillar and the River Front Museums finally opened after years of planning. While not everybody is a fan of the architectural style chosen for these buildings, it is hard to deny that they both provide plenty of opportunities for some fun shooting. The morning of the photo-walk I had a goal in mind to do abstract shooting of steel and concrete. Normally, with such attempts the results usually never wind up being as exciting as what I envision but this time, however, was different. I am looking forward to going […]

A Photographer for Princeville, IL

While Princeville, Illinois is my home town, I have been away for two decades except for occasional visits. Recently, a job relocation brought me back to the Peoria area and it has been a time to reconnect with old family friends and classmates. On a beautiful fall day a classmate wanted senior pictures of her son and violin pictures of her daughter. Shooting in her back yard, as well as a neighbors barn, provided great locations for the first set of pictures. It goes to show that one doesn’t have to go far to find good portrait locations.       […]

Playing Around With Light Painting

Due to happenstance, like that which occurs every day on the Internet, I came across a rather interesting and useful video on light painting. This is nothing new, and I have been aware of this technique for years, but for some reason there was an “a-ha” moment.   The concept is simple; get a dark room, close down the aperture down to f22, set the shutter speed to 20 seconds and you are ready to go. After hitting the shutter, turn on an LED  flashlight (or two) and liberally dabble and dwell on areas you want to light. Check your results […]

Fear and Loathing in Illinois

If you shoot pictures over a long period of time, it is likely your “artistic” sensibilities will change. This becomes more true as you become aware of the large body of incredible photographic work out there and then become critical of your own work. Not only does this change in understanding of what “good photography”  often lead to taking better pictures, it also leads the photographers into subject areas that the public, at large, does not understand.                             Normally, any camera owner at least starts out capturing […]

Beauty in the Architecture of Death

Having received some inspiration  from an article read months ago (see bottom of blog) I kept in my heart the desire to photograph some mausoleums. The time was finally right and I went forth on a sunny weekday afternoon. The first mausoleum was the Springdale Cemetery in Peoria, IL. Not having previously been in one,  I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was surprising, however,  to find the doors locked. Apparently, the cemetery has  a history of vandalism and they keep the dead under lock and key. After a trip to the office to explain my intent,  they kindly provided a key.  The […]

Cherry Festival of Washington IL

The Cherry Festival is one of those hometown events that happen every year in Washington, IL. Being that we just moved into the area it seemed like a good way to kill some time walking around looking at the sights. The event was rather underwhelming. I took the kids back home and got my camera to shoot the “night life” of the carnival. Not all the carneys were lit properly to photograph, and so this portfolio is definitely not all-inclusive. Many of these photos were taken with a Lensbaby. The most visually interesting person was the guy running the duck […]