About My Commercial Work

The bulk of my work of the last few years has been the shooting commercial photography for outdoor magazines. From working on location to doing studio product photography I bring both the experience and  to equipment to get the images you need for your magazine, catalogue or website.

Because I have a reputation of quick turn arounds with great results, much of my work is given to me at the last minute when the magazine faces a looming deadline . I have never missed a deadline and often turn photos around in 24 hours.

Below are two of my largest clients and the magazines (and one website) they produce. While I regularly work with editors and art directors, about half the time I produce work without direction. Feel free to contact me regarding any photography projects you need images for.


Intermedia Outdoors:

Guns & Ammo Book of the AR-15

Shoot 101 (shoot101.com)

Personal Defense


Winchester – Mag-alogue

Taurus – Mag-alogue


F+W Media:

Modern Shooter

Gun Digest