About Me……

Talking about myself isn’t the easiest thing for me to do. While my portfolio  demonstrates the quality of my work, it really doesn’t help you to understand the person behind the camera which can be an important factor when choosing a photographer to work with. Presented below is a list of answers to questions you never would ask.


The Professional

  1. I have experience. I have been in the photography business for over a decade, which actually means I have a LOT of experience. When you hire a photographer, you are paying for the photographers vision and skill to create images that you will cherish a lifetime. Anybody can push a button on a shutter release, but what you want is someone who understands light and has the vision to create memorable photos.
  2. Equipment is key. Shooting for magazines has funded some very good equipment. Not only do I carry pro level cameras, I also take studio lighting to all my sessions. The additional studio lighting almost always improves an image. Some photographers will state, “I unless use available light”. What that means is they don’t own and do  not know how to operate off camera strobes.  If you want your images to look their best, hire a photographer with the right equipment.


The Personal

  1. I have been married a long time. A long long time. 1988 to be exact. The year that Die Hard and Rain Man were in theaters, I pronounced my “I do”. Thankfully, Lois has put up with me all these years and still seems committed to that fateful path.
  2. That leads to the children. According to some people, we had a lot of children. Yet to others, we are probably seen as underachievers. We didn’t set any world records and we didn’t get out own reality TV show but we have had a lot of good times. I wouldn’t trade them or the experience for anything.
  3. The nerd abides. From fandom to philosophy, I find all such subjects interesting. But the geek card does not come without a cost…I generally don’t get sports. I cannot tell you who are in the playoffs, nor even recite all the major league teams. Bring up last Monday’s big game in conversation and you will see my eyes glaze over.
  4. I enjoy quirky humor. I find a lot of things funny….especially unintended puns.
  5. When it comes to writing, I tend to be terse. Which makes this a good time to bring this page to an end.